If this all sounds like you, we look forward to your application. Please send us your resume portofolio to join@kurio.co.id
  • Software Engineer
    1. Good Programming Skill
    2. Passion in Programming, building robust, reliable, & scalable app
    3. Has good concern on software design
    4. Has good concern on clean code
    5. Believe that automated test worth and improve quality
    6. Willing to work in team and proactive
    1. Experienced in building web based software
    2. A solid understanding of all software layers including UI, service, data store, and communication layers
    3. Understanding best practices for the full software development life cycle, including
    4. coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing, and operations
    5. Relevant experiences: {Go/PHP/Python}, {MySQL/RDBMS/No-SQL}, Git
    6. Experienced in building REST-ful API will be a plus.
    7. Computer Science fundamentals in data structures
    8. Experienced in building CLI-based application
    9. Proficient in Git- Able to work in a team, as a team leader or team member
  • Android Developer
    1. Design, develop, and maintain our Android application for tablet user.
    2. Create responsive, fast and robust Kurio App.
    3. Make sure all the code is clean, easy to understand to any developers and testable.
    4. Explore/learn new technologies that can complement or replace our current stack to improve it.
    1. Java and Android development.
    2. Familiar with material design and content provider
    3. Familiar with MVP architecture to build android application.
    4. Have a good knowledge about OOP.
    5. Following android technology trend.
    6. Have a good knowledge about RDBMS
    7. Build application using REST web services
  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
    1. Take charge in Kurio's infrastructure design, development, and maintenance.
    2. Work with various teams (product, software engineers, and mobile developers) to ensure successful solution delivery.
    3. Participates in research and development to enable continuing innovation within the infrastructure.
    4. System / network security updates and patch implementation.
    1. Strong Linux experience.
    2. Experience in CI/CD (concept and tools)
    3. Good ability in scripting, using Python/Perl/Java
    4. Basic network knowledge. (HTTP, DNS, etc).
    5. Experience in monitoring and alert solution (Nagios, Prometheus, etc.)
    6. Experience in at least one cloud solution provider (AWS, GCP, or Azure)
    7. Experience in Containerization, eg. Docker, etc
    8. Good in database structure and queries optimization
    9. Have a software development experiences is a plus.